2023 Report

Maximizing Workplace Attendance 

Strategies to Increase Onsite Days, with a Special Focus on Food
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In this rapidly evolving hybrid landscape, one challenge businesses face today is how to maintain high onsite attendance rates. That's why we've compiled a data-driven report designed to give you an understanding of where other organizations fall on the 'return-to-office' movement and equip you with strategies, perks, and amenities that you can employ to unlock additional onsite days.

Topics Include:

  • The Importance of Increasing Onsite Attendance: What It Means for Your Business
  • Onsite Work Trends: Exclusive Insights from Our Latest Employee Surveys
  • Upgrading the Onsite Experience: The Impact of Perks and Amenities
  • The Role of Food in the Hybrid Work Model: Practical Strategies & Real-life Success Stories

We hope this report helps you optimize your onsite attendance strategy for Q3 and beyond.

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