Restaurant Talk
Food on Display: Tips for Elevating Your Off-Premise Brand
How to strengthen your restaurant's brand through Delivery, Catering, and Popup

Recorded on May 3rd
3:00 PM Central Time

Why are some restaurants successful with off-premise sales while others fail outright? The short answer... presentation. In this webinar, we show side by side examples of what packaging works and what doesn’t, with the goal of helping restaurants perform better in Delivery, Popup, and Catering settings.

Topics covered during the conversation:

  1. How to package your food to make it more appealing

  2. Side by side comparison of what works vs. doesn't

  3. Why off-premise presentation matters for customer retention, word of mouth, and overall brand identity

  4. Quick tips to enhance your food packaging right now

As always, the goal of Restaurant talk is to provide restaurant owners with clarity at a time when there are still unknowns.