Restaurant Talk
Maximizing Restaurant Growth: Insights from a Data Expert

Recorded on May 16, 2023

As a restaurant owner or manager, you know that data plays a crucial role in driving growth for your business. This webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to leverage data to take your restaurant to the next level. Join Jake Mangan, Director of Restaurant Partnerships at Fooda, and Sasha Bartashnik, Director of Data Products at Brightloom, for a panel discussion covering the top 6 metrics you should be tracking and how you can use that data to grow your restaurant business.

Topics covered during the conversation:
  1. Six key metrics you should know and how to use them to drive growth
  2. How to identify common pitfalls that sabotage the value of your data and why it matters
  3. How other restaurants use this approach to understand customers and leverage their data for growth
  4. Questions and answers from attendees