Invitation Only Call:
Restaurant Talk: Team Morale
How to improve team morale at your restaurant during difficult times

Recorded on December 16, 2021

Join us to learn actionable ways to increase your restaurant’s team morale during difficult times. This month’s guest speaker is Dan Markin – author and speaker who specializes in human behavior.

Some of the topics covered during the conversation:

  1.  Why some restaurant owners can keep their staff for decades while others can’t hold on to people for more than a few months

  2. How to build morale, and create employee advocacy 

  3. How you can tap into the full potential of each team member – from the dishwasher to the lead host

Dan will also answer each of your questions in our scheduled Q&A at the end. If you believe your team morale could be higher – even by just a little bit – you will find the call very helpful. As always, our goal is to provide our community of restaurants with useful, relevant information and tangible strategies they can apply to their business right away in order to be more successful.