Invitation Only Zoom Call:
Restaurant Talk: Ghost Kitchens
and The Changing Landscape of the Restaurant Industry with Guest Jason Howard

Recorded on November 15, 2021

Should restaurants seriously consider adapting a ghost or cloud kitchen model? Jason Howard (IFC Food Service in Texas) shares his recent experience shifting from brick and mortar to a central commissary where his team operates 12+ concepts. He joins us in our November 2022 edition of Restaurant Talk. In a conversation with fellow restauranteur Steve O'Brien, the two will cover: 

- Why Jason changed his model to ghost kitchens
- Challenges, tips to overcome them, and payoff
- Specific concepts and cuisines that are selling well right now 
- Questions and answers from the attendees 

The goal of Restaurant talk is to provide restaurant owners with clarity at a time when the industry is changing. Bring your questions and Jason and Steve will answer them. We hope you can join us!