Restaurant Talk
Increased Demand for Popups: How Restaurants Can Capitalize on Return to Office in 2023

Recorded on October 27th
3:00 PM Central Time

Popup restaurants in workplaces (offices, hospitals, distribution centers, etc) have taken the food industry by storm. How does it work and how can you get started? What are the risks and what makes it so attractive to restaurant owners? In this webinar, Jake Mangan (Director of Restaurant Partnerships at Fooda) shares his take on the Popup model and provides concrete facts and examples of why restaurants should embrace the Popup in 2023.

Topics covered during the conversation:

  1. How do Popup restaurants work in workplaces and why they are popular
  2. The challenges, benefits, and payoff of the Popup model 
  3. Specific examples from restaurants that have increased business through Popup
  4. Questions and answers from attendees

As always, the goal of Restaurant talk is to provide restaurant owners with clarity at a time when there are still unknowns.