Your Virtual Cafeteria Replacement Tour:
The Flying Buffalo Food Hall

Flying Buffalo Food Hall by Fooda logo

Location: Queens, NY             Property Type: Multi-tenant Office Building 

The Flying Buffalo Food Hall is a full service cafeteria replacement solution with a resident vendor and two rotating daily Popup restaurants. Named a Best Concept by Food Management Magazine, the Fooda model reduces overhead, increases participation, and delights employees with high quality, authentic food. 


Fooda partners with the best local and national restaurants to bring consumers a highly diverse mix of cuisines. With a constant stream of visiting restaurants, Fooda never gets boring. Each menu is curated and taste tested and all of our restaurants have positive ratings.

Daily Restaurant Variety Drives Participation

A Sampling of our Popup Partners

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cdd66960-korillalogo-orange_022013022013000000001KORILLA BBQ


471fbef7-madenice_03k02e01q01q00x00c001MADE NICE NYC


aee77727-dinosaur-bbq_01r01r01r01r000000001DINOSAUR BBQ



+ Many More