Upcoming Webinar:
What Employees Want in the Workplace: Key Trends and Preferences for 2024

Join us on June 20th
11:00 AM Central Time

For anyone with responsibilities related to employee engagement, you understand the importance of creating a work environment that keeps employees happy and productive. But what are the best practices and strategies that can truly make an impact? Join Fooda and Epoch on June 20th as we dive into proven methods for enhancing employee satisfaction and engagement in the workplace, based on recent employee data.

Topics covered during the conversation

  1. Key findings from the 2024 Workplace Survey, focusing on employee preferences and behaviors.
  2. The impact of providing lunch options on morale, productivity, and community culture.
  3. Additional workplace benefits employees seek, including flexible working hours, remote work options, health and wellness programs, and professional development opportunities.
  4. Strategies for integrating a variety of food options and other benefits to create a more engaging and fulfilling workplace.

As always, there will be time for Q&A at the end. Feel free to submit any questions in advance to katie.lashmet@fooda.com. Thanks!



Jade Choy Jade Choy is the co-founder and CEO of Epoch. Epoch's Employee Experience platform is used by companies like Reddit, Instacart, Asana and more to streamline and measure employee programs. Jade and her co-founders worked across large enterprises to scale-ups for collectively over 15 years - where they noticed the drastic shifts in our modern workplace, culture needs and employee engagement. Jade has been partnering with companies approaching culture in the most innovative ways - and is excited to share observations, learnings and trends.

Stafford McKay has been with Fooda for eight years, where he serves as the company's VP of Marketing. His interests include the future of employee engagement, food, and technology.