Upcoming Webinar:
Commute Worthy Experiences: Building Community Through Food in 2024

Join us on March 7th
11:00 AM Central Time

For many remote workers, commuting is often reserved for special occasions like happy hours or important meetings. But how do you increase attendance on days that fall in between those mandatory events? Join Emily Karottki, VP of People, and Stafford McKay, VP of Marketing, as they share insights and strategies for bringing employees back onsite and building company culture through commute worthy experiences in 2024.

Topics covered during the conversation

  1. Exploring commute-worthy experiences and community-building initiatives.
  2. Leveraging 2024 workplace trends and employee insights for recruitment and retention.
  3. Success stories of companies that have successfully increased foot traffic with food.
  4. Actionable steps for boosting Return-to-Office (RTO) rates.

As always, there will be time for Q&A at the end. Feel free to submit any questions in advance to katie.lashmet@fooda.com. Thanks!