Webinar Recording:
Food Options for Multi-Tenant Buildings in 2023
A 30 Minute Update for Property Managers

Recorded on March 16, 2023

Is your building providing an updated food service offering to meet the demands of today’s dynamic, hybrid workforce? In this webinar, we share our knowledge and expertise on the latest food trends and innovative solutions that can help your building provide exceptional food services to your tenants this year.

Topics covered during the conversation:

  1. How to offer a great service that encourages tenant employees onsite while maintaining flexibility as populations fluctuate and ramp up
  2. See how coordinated “Whole Building Deliveries” save on fees (we’ll break down the costs and compare the nuances of whole building programs versus one-off transactional ordering) 
  3. Providing Restaurant Popup options on days where population numbers are higher
  4. Repurposing cafe space 
  5. Questions and Answers specific to food trends in multi-tenant buildings 

Good food and onsite attendance go hand in hand. The question today is not whether to have a program but how to do it intelligently and economically.