Upcoming Webinar

Inflation and Food at Work 
How Employers Can Keep Lunch Affordable for Their Onsite Teams

Join us on May 10th
1:00 PM Central Time

The cost of coming in to work – like everything else – is on the rise. “Lunchflation” is a punch in the gut for people in the workplace, who are returning in person. How can employers help soften the blow for their teams? Fooda’s next webinar explores current food at work price trends and creative strategies for keeping on-premise food programs affordable.

Topics covered during the conversation:

  1. Current food at work price trends
  2. Creative strategies for keeping on-premise food programs affordable and how to mitigate inflation
  3. Why 70% of professionals believe food at work matters more today than before the pandemic 

We will answer each of your questions in our scheduled Q&A at the end. 

As always, our goal is to provide our community of restaurants with useful, relevant information and tangible strategies they can apply to their business right away in order to be more successful.