Upcoming Webinar:
Revolutionizing the Workplace Experience Through Employer-Paid Food Programs

Join us on May 4th
12:00 PM Central Time

In today's modern workplace, food has become crucial to positive employee experiences. Many employees appreciate and expect onsite perks for commuting into the office each day. Free food is the most common and cost-effective option. This webinar will discuss how employers can realistically integrate an affordable and delicious food program into their workplace to meet the new demands of the post-pandemic workforce. 

Topics covered during the conversation:

  1. How cost considerations work, including full versus partial subsidies (e.g. $3 per meal) 
  2. The role food plays in reuniting the office community and rebuilding onsite culture
  3. Exactly how innovative companies are modernizing to keep their food programs fresh and exciting
  4. ROI calculations and how to make the business case to your boss and CFO
  5. Questions and Answers specific to employer paid programs
Don’t listen to scrooges! Employer paid food at work delivers real ROI and is a great way to increase morale and show your employees that they are valued. We’ll show you real world examples of highly regarded companies offering successful programs right now.