Webinar Recording:

Using Data to Understand the Post Vaccine Workplace Experience

Examining March 2021 survey data to understand how employees and employers see the future; where they are aligned, and where they differ.

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Recorded March 30, 2021

Join us for a deep dive into the post-vaccine workplace experience, based on survey results from thousands of employers and employees across the country.



Examples of Survey Questions Asked
(with response trends covered during the webinar): 

At the employee-level 

  • Post vaccine, how often would you go into the workplace, if given the choice?
  • If all employees were vaccinated tomorrow, how safe would you feel about working onsite?
  • Which policies and onsite amenities would make you most likely to go into the office, if given the choice? 

At the employer level

  • Post vaccine, how often will employees be required to go into the office?
  • Which workplace experiences do you believe will help encourage people to return onsite, post vaccination?
  • When do you expect to have 50% of your team back onsite?

We’re looking forward to sharing the results and having a meaningful discussion about topics that are on so many people’s minds. We hope you can join us!

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