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Toggle your employer subsidy and daily population to simulate what Fooda Solutions may work best for you. While each cafe is unique, these estimations provide a starting point for understanding what Fooda can do for you.

Do You Have a Cafeteria Onsite Already?


Fooda brings the passion of exceptional local cuisine directly into your cafeteria

Bring the passion back to the kitchen with Fooda. We are your ultimate solution for versatile, authentic, and efficient restaurant-powered dining experiences. We've reimagined cafeteria services by partnering with a diverse network of local restaurants, bringing their quality food straight to your workplace.

We leverage advanced technology to provide an extraordinary array of food choices, shredding predictable national menus in favor of hyperlocal, customizable culinary experiences.

Real Time Rapid Adjustments = Customization and Efficiency for Cafeterias

Fooda brings you a cafeteria experience like no other, where adaptability and efficiency take center stage. Gone are the days of rigid schedules and wasted resources. With Fooda, your cafeteria becomes a living, dynamic entity that seamlessly adjusts to your ever-changing needs. Whether it's a bustling Wednesday or a mellow Friday, our services evolve in real-time.

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Subsidies and Expected Participation Rates

Providing a meal a subsidy to your team shows them you care. Investing in food at work boosts in-office population and strengthens your organization's culture. There is a direct correlation between subsidy amount and food participation rate.

Support a Variety of Local Restaurants

Fooda is an ideal way to support a diverse variety of local restaurants and chefs inside your cafeteria. 80% of Fooda’s restaurant partners are independently owned local businesses and 59% are minority owned. With a constant stream of different visiting restaurants, Fooda never gets boring. Each menu is curated and taste-tested, and all of our restaurants have positive ratings.

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